Project Result 1: Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework will be structured in chapters and will present the main issues that will be tackled by the application as well as the level of analysis. The main topics have been selected by the consortium after preliminary research and a group discussion.

In order to design a relevant application, the learning outcomes will be developed by engaging in the process the members of the consortium, pupils of ages 10-12 and their teachers and also experts from the fields of environmental studies and green practices and technologies.

Through the implementation of focus groups for the above-mentioned target groups, useful conclusions will be extracted, thus improving the engagement for the aimed audiences and eliminating the margin of error or divergence from the topic. 

The foundation upon which this process will be based is a desktop research on the selected topics, which will be carried out by the consortium.

The final outcome of the Project Result 1 (PR1) of the project will be the composition of the learning outcomes for each level of the game.

Project Result 2: Game Design: Composition of building blocks, theory, decisions, rules of the game and points system

Once the theoretical framework is developed, the next step is the

Development of the specifics of the application for each of the two levels of the game.

This practically applies to the description the building blocks that will be available to the pupils for the purposes of the game, as well as other important milestones of the game, such as the options/decisions that the user will need to take, the rules, the points system, the awards (badges, trophies), the missions and other gamification elements, as well as the theory that will be used.

Project Result 3: Development of the Application

The third and last Project Result is related to the development of the actual software that will be available as a mobile application and as executable on a PC.

The consortium will use the expertise of its partners in order to develop a high-quality app, which will be user-friendly and easy to use by pupils at the ages of 10-12.

The developed material from the PR1 and PR2 will be the foundation for the game/application.